What is it / Who is it for

Impact Incubator Immersion (I.I.I.) helps Impact Founders and CEOs prepare to successfully raise capital in 13 weeks, so they can create meaningful impact in the world, without failing from a lack of knowing what it takes, or being unprepared!

Effective Impact Fundraising Roadmap


The I.I.I. Curriculum and 9-Step Roadmap are the "Secret Ingredient" that has allowed our impact clients to successfully raise capital and grow their businesses to create more impact in the world. 


To develop and assemble all the materials needed to be ready to successfully raise capital while acquiring the skills and insights to confidently attract, engage and close investment with your ideal aligned capital partners.


Features & Benefits

I.I.I. is a unique 13-week process that allows participants to assemble a state of the art investor package and identify their aligned investors. 



I.I.I. uses a proprietary toolkit to facilitate participating companies following through every aspect of the capital readiness process. This includes facilitation tools and a resource directory to keep on track and complete all the required deliverables to grow your business to the next level and be ready for fundraising success.


I.I.I. is specifically designed for startup & early-stage businesses that are mission-driven. It's a 13-week intensive workshop to help solidify critical foundation elements for your business, refine your core strategies, and map out an execution game plan to produce a successful funding. 


I.I.I. is all about support and community. Our community platform is where participants get to know and engage with each other other Impact Founders and CEOs in the spirit of service & contribution. No one has ever done any big things alone. This is why we pair participants as accountability partners.


Sessions include: Weekly Video Lessons (PDF provided), Weekly Live Coaching/Mentoring Sessions. Questions are asked before the session on the question sheet in preparation for the video call. We maintain a small group of participants per session, so that everyone gets their questions answered. 

I.I.I. - A Proven Method...

I.I.I. was created out of an urgent need for Impact Founders and CEOs to acquire the knowledge and tools to fund their business, so they can create meaningful and measurable impact in the world.


I.I.I. 13-week Curriculum

Steven Ehlinger developed this curriculum based on his 20 years of impact finance experience helping structure over $300 MM. for him and his clients. 

I.I.I. 3 Stage Formula 

These are the 3 crucial fundraising preparation stages we use with all our clients to support them in raising capital confidently and efficiently. 

Ideal Stages of Investment

I.I.I. is ideal for Startup and Early Stage Impact Companies. Growth Stage are a better fit for our consulting services. The Ideation stage is too early to benefit from this curriculum.